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Oct. 26, 2020

Stigma Beyond Skin with Abhinandan Basu (Part 1)

Stigma Beyond Skin with Abhinandan Basu (Part 1)

T.L. Mazumdar speaks to globally celebrated Tattoo Artist Abhinandan Basu.

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Hailed by Yale University as one of the 100 most relevant tattoo artists in the world today ('World Atlas of Tattoo') , Abhinandan Basu's journey reads like an awe-inspiring and humbling story of relentless determination, work-ethic and fiery talent winning against the kind of odds the privileged among us tend to think exist in a parallel universe, to set historical, cutting-edge standards of artistry in his field.

Born and raised in a post-colonial refugee community of removed Bangladeshi immigrants qualmlessly categorized as collateral damage to the controversial and poorly executed division of the Indian subcontinent in the historical city of Calcutta, the bitter-sweet reality of his hourly charges for a tattoo today being substantially more than the monthly wages of his fathers 12hr-a-day job meant to provide for the entire family during his childhood, while never lost on him, are events he has only recently started to process and take pride in.

In the first part of this no-holds-barred conversation, we visit our common ancestral city to dig deeper into how it all began.


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