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Jan. 9, 2022

'Effortless Mastery' to 'Becoming the Instrument' with Kenny Werner

'Effortless Mastery' to 'Becoming the Instrument' with Kenny Werner

Iconic Pianist/Composer and Author of 'Effortless Mastery' Kenny Werner speaks to T.L. Mazumdar.

With a history of collaborators and peers that constitutes some of the most significant names in Jazz history in the past century, Guggenheim fellowship Award winner, Emmy Award nominee, prolific pianist, composer, and author Kenny Werner lays claim to an extremely rare and iconic status of a performing artist of the highest caliber, who has managed to impact the lives of thousands of musicians and practicing artists all over the world additionally as an author with his path-breaking book 'Effortless Mastery'.  

On the eve of his much-awaited second publication 26 years later titled 'Becoming the Instrument', we talk about the inner trust that helped him allow himself to receive the global redemption that his work has been to two generations of both autodidactic and college-educated musicians, the importance of discerning the subtle differences between being a source and a channel and the story behind his new book.  

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