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Jan. 2, 2023

Blurring Lines Between Performing and Teaching, Common Causes of Piano Injury, Unpacking Jazz Piano Pedagogy in 2023 and Mistakes to Avoid in Audience Building

Noah Kellman talks to T.L. Mazumdar

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NYC-based, multiple-award winning composer, pianist an entrepreneur Noah Kellman, while most well known as the curator of a 100,000 plus online community of budding Jazz piano students and aficionados, is also the unassuming product of a lesser known and stunningly brave story of a young boy who has fought an (ongoing) battle with physical challenges which, at some of it's most intense phases in the past, has seen him seek the assistance of friends and family to accomplish tasks as simple as writing a school test or changing out of clothes. Even while being gaslighted for not having his 'priorities straight' when intent on saving the best of his physical energies for his deepest passion: playing the piano.  

In this long-form conversation, we dive deep into the new paradigm of blurred lines between performance and pedagogy, understanding the significance of physical strength as a musician and best practices on audience-building in an age of viral videos, quick-fix campaigns and paid social media followers.  



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Noah KellmanProfile Photo

Noah Kellman

Pianist, Educator, YouTuber

Noah Kellman is a pianist, author, composer and YouTuber based in Central New York. With an online audience of over one-hundred thousand people, he entertains many listeners with a combination of music and jazz education. A recipient of two ASCAP Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Awards for his compositions "The Piemaker" (2011) and “Get Lost” (2008), he graduated from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Scoring For Film & Multimedia. The author of The Game Music Handbook, released with Oxford University Press, he has worked on various award-winning multimedia projects, including 2018 game Where Shadows Slumber, a mobile puzzle game that uses an interactive shadow to reveal hidden objects, and To Be With Hamlet, a live, Shakespeare performance that takes place in virtual reality. He is also a founding member of Frost Lab Studios, an independent game studio operating in NYC currently working on Plague the Peasants, a 2.5D Real-Time Strategy game in which the player plays as a plague infecting a village, and Orbit Quest, a mobile arcade-style game. In 2017, Noah was part of the ASCAP/Columbia Film Scoring Workshop and went on to receive the 2017 ASCAP Henry Mancini Music Fellowship after recording a 12-piece big band for the CUFF trailer score. A lover of narrative music, he creates cinematic soundscapes that intersect the acoustic and electronic worlds.