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Oct. 19, 2020

Singing to 7 Billion with Kiran Ahluwalia

Singing to 7 Billion with Kiran Ahluwalia

T.L. Mazumdar speaks to Candian-Indian singer-songwriter Kiran Ahluwalia.

Singer-songwriter Kiran Ahluwalia writes and performs songs of breakup and love with equal conviction, exhilaratingly mixing Indian music with West African Blues riffs and languid Jazz. The result is a merging of elegance and crispness, all with an easy, inviting charm. Her music is contemporary and fresh, yet still feels somehow familiar. Born In India, brought up in Toronto, Kiran studied Indian music since childhood. Winning two JUNO Awards (Canadian Grammys), over the course of seven albums Kiran has created a style uniquely her own. The beautiful harmonies and addictive guitar riffs of partner Rez Abbasi, and their shared love of trancy rhythms masterfully played on drum kit, tabla and djembe have shaped the songs on Kiran’s latest release 7 Billion (Six Degrees). Both a lyricist and composer, Kiran’s songs speak of cultural intolerance, fighting civil wars within ourselves and realizing female desire by throwing away shame. Her re-working of the classic Qawwali tune Mustt Mustt with the Malian super group Tinariwen has racked up nearly 3 million views online.


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