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May 1, 2023

The Significance of Work Ethic, Loyalty and Consistency as a Musician with Bastian Voelkel

The Significance of Work Ethic, Loyalty and Consistency as a Musician with Bastian Voelkel

Grammy-Nominated German keyboardist Bastian Voelkel speaks to T.L. Mazumdar.

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(Rec. 22nd Nov 2023)

The trajectory of Bastian Voelkel’s career could have easily resembled that of another small-town music aspirant in Germany resting on the wreaths of a secure pensioned job as a teacher at the local music school as his earliest environment might have potentially suggested as the most suitable. The 18-year-old keyboardist however, decided to head synth-in-hand to audition for Europe's most elite university for pop musicians, taking the usual rejections from mainstream German jazz education gracefully in stride. And nailed the audition.


What followed over the years amidst the overwhelming and once-controversial but always innovative Pop-Akademie BW music-business vs music education conundrums and experiments in ‘Ausland-Semesters’ in the Netherlands, was the chance meeting with now long-time band-mate Alice Merton and a tireless and curious work-ethic that led to a Grammy nomination and a few 100 (and counting) shows around the world, earning him the reputation of one of the hardest-working keyboardists in Germany. 


I catch up with fellow Nord-artist and fellow Pop-Akademie BW alumni to discuss the importance of understanding space in live music performance, the trials and tribulations of touring internationally as a keyboardist, and the significance of authenticity and loyalty as a musician in this day and age.


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