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Spearheading Nepal's Jazz-Scene, Imposter Syndrome and Balancing European and South-Asian Work Ethics with Abhisek Bhadra

Kathmandu-bred composer/arranger Abhisek Bhadra left a budding career in what has been looked upon as Central Europe's capital for 'World Music', Rotterdam, to return to Nepal where the call of the heart led him to lead the very Conservatory of Music his...

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Singing to 7 Billion with Kiran Ahluwalia

T.L. Mazumdar speaks to Candian-Indian singer-songwriter Kiran Ahluwalia.

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The Birth Of Rhythm Diaries With Bernhard Schimpelsberger

T.L. Mazumdar talks to London-based Austrian Percussionist/Composer Bernhard Schimpelsberger.

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Voices Lost And Found with Sheila Chandra

T.L. Mazumdar talks to pioneer British-Asian singer Sheila Chandra.


Ego And The Guitar with Rez Abbasi

T.L. Mazumdar speaks to critically acclaimed Pakistani-American Jazz Musician and Guggenheim Fellowship Awardee Rez Abbasi.

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Divine Destruction with Dr. Das

T.L. Mazumdar talks to founding member and bassist of Asian Dub Foundation.