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July 16, 2020

Divine Destruction with Dr. Das

Divine Destruction with Dr. Das

T.L. Mazumdar talks to founding member and bassist of Asian Dub Foundation.

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(Rec. 28.05.2020)

Aniruddha Das aka Dr Das is as deep as it gets. Pun intd. 

If you've ever seen him onstage, the fiery energy he exudes, then the quiet and polite disposition with which he is heard in this conversation might come as a surprise to you.

As an experimental musician with South Asian roots, he's always been someone I've looked up to for being one of the earliest pioneers of the same. What one often tends to overlook though, is the depth of thought behind his philosophies as a bass player and the manner in which he still remains one of the masters of cracking what I call the 'Bass Code'. And incorporating it in music that still pays tribute to our common ancestors. A feat especially tricky since we're talking about a musical culture that traditionally never had bass.

I'd like to think of this conversation a much-needed insight into and documentation of the history of South-Asian / Diasporic, British and Global electronic music and (as you will hear) electronic music education. 

Founding member of the Iconic group Asian Dub Foundation and currently most active as Dhangsha, to have had this brother as my first guest on the podcast is an omen of the highest honour.


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