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March 2, 2023

Balance, Discipline, Forgiveness and Compassion with Esther Rojas

LA-based Colombian bassist, arranger, educator, and musical director Esther Rojas speaks to T.L. Mazumdar

LA-based Colombian bassist, arranger, educator, and musical director Esther Rojas's  multifaceted and versatile skill-set while aptly facilitating high-calibre collaborations with iconic artists such iconic as Alejandro Sanz, Juan Luis Guerra, Jon Secada, and Carlos Vives among others, when not donning the MD hat for mammoth large-ensemble projects (like the Bogota Big Band), is only the reflection of a remarkably deep and sensitive thinker whos inner work on well-being and mental health sets a commendable precedent for future generations of artists and musicians around the globe.  This long-form conversation addresses some of the most pivotal issues contemporary artists deal with going in-depth on understanding sustainability, mental health, work ethics, and the process involved in honing the required skillsets for the same while navigating the diverse environments that have shaped the wisdom shared from her story.  

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Esther Rojas


Esther Rojas is a bassist, arranger, educator, and musical director born and raised in Colombia, and now based in LA, US. Her performance style combines different musical influences, making her a multifaceted musician who adapts to any type of repertoire. This has permitted her to play with different artists such as Luis Enrique, Jon Secada, Totó La Momposina, and Carlos Vives, among others. 
As an arranger and producer, Esther has conducted several projects, including a video that counted with the participation of multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy-winning Dominican artist, Juan Luis Guerra. She also directed the presentation of the worldwide known Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz during the XIV Gala of the Latin Grammys. Esther was the guest director, composer, and arranger for the Bogotá Big Band at the XXIII Festival Jazz al Parque in 2018, and for the Big Band Femenina de Bogotá at the XVI Festival Jazz al Parque in 2022