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June 3, 2021

Self-Worth and the Musicians Mindset with Lefteris Moumtzis

Self-Worth and the Musicians Mindset with Lefteris Moumtzis

T.L. Mazumdar talks to pioneering Cypriot musician Lefteris Moumtzis.

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Co-founder of Louvana Records, Cypriot musician, composer/ producer and educator Lefteris Moumtzis pioneers festivals like Fengaros Music Festival, Music Village Fengaros, and Lefkosia Loop Festival, and is Cyprus's first generation of post-internet global artists. A default status his journey saw him attain after a portfolio of work in London following his studies in Berklee College Of Music after the unassuming backdrop of military service connected him with the epiphany of music being his true call. One that his childhood musical exploits as the offspring of a music teacher at the piano and saxophone had probably been hinting at the whole time.

In this sensitive and intimate conversation, we address the subtleties of the fragile corners of the songwriter's mind, the tricky yet fulfilling balancing act collaboration can be, and the celebration of a younger generation of post-colonial artists whose mentoring is a role he has embraced very naturally.

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